What are the daily activities of a conflict mediator?


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Answer from company which is no longer active

The question is a bit like asking how long is a bit of string, different people and different types of conflicts will have different daily activities.   As an example, I have carried out a number of face-to-face small claims mediations in a day, the shortest being just over half an hour whereas a complex commercial mediation may require several days or even weeks of work before getting to the table.  Neighbourhood mediators may need to spend a lot of time to just getting people to meet but on other occassions the whole process can be over within a couple of hours.   To find your answer you will have to work as a trainee conflict mediator, develop your own style and decide on which types of cases you are willing and qualified to work.  I don't suppose this answers your question but that nobody else seems to have answered during the past 5 months since it was asked it is probably because there is no such thing as typical daily activities of a conflict mediator.


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